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Get The Best Out of Your Vacuum Cleaner


In this feature we show you how to keep your vacuum cleaner in top condition. We reveal a few secrets that can extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner and ensure it delivers fantastic cleaning performance, time after time.

5 Top Vacuum Cleaner Tips:

1. Tackle those hard to reach areas with ease

The stairs, underneath furniture and in tight corners are particularly difficult to access with the vacuum cleaner, without using a specialist tool. We have a huge range of tools to meet any challenge including corner tools, crevice tools, floor tools and upholstery tools.

2. Don't over fill your vacuum bags

If you've got a bagged vacuum cleaner then it will lose suction power when the vacuum bag becomes too full. If your vacuum cleaner has an indicator light it will prompt you when it's time to change the bag, however, if your vacuum doesn't have this feature you need to check the bag regularly and replace it when it's about ¾ full. This way it will maintain consistent performance.

3. Freshen as you clean

Vacuum cleaner air fresheners simply drop into your vacuum bag or compartment to leave a pleasant odour as you clean. They are particularly effective at combating pet odours. Vacuum cleaner air fresheners enable you to add an extra dimension to your vacuum cleaner by perfuming your house as well as collecting dirt and debris.

4. Keep your agitator brush blockage free

The agitator brush is used to work the dirt and debris out of the carpets. Over time bits of thread and hair can become tangled around the agitator and the brush can become clogged, resulting in the vacuum losing suction power. You may be able to carefully remove the debris to restore the brush; otherwise it will need replacing. Read our advice centre article

to find out how.

5. Don't let a broken belt diminish performance

If your vacuum cleaner is leaving dirt behind and there is no clear obstruction in the hose or blocking the agitator, then it is likely the drive belt has snapped or worn out. Vacuum cleaner drive belts are usually inexpensive but you need to make sure you get the right belt for your vacuum cleaner model. Read our guide on how to replace a snapped belt

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