Gardena Comfort Highflex Hose - 50M (1/2")


    Gardena Comfort Highflex Hose - 50M (1/2")

    Gardena Comfort Highflex Hose - 50M (1/2")


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    Genuine spare part

    Stock No: 3561841BS

    • Product Description

      The Gardena 50 Metre Comfort HighFLEX Hose is suitable for all your watering needs!

      Garden hoses are an essential piece of outdoor equipment, whether your garden stretches across several metres or you have a simple patio garden to clean. This hose has many useful purposes including watering plants, rinsing off garden toys and washing your car.

      It is made from a high-quality spiral mesh textile that does not tie itself in knots, ensuring the hose stays flexible, yet keeps its shape. The dense, high-quality spiral mesh textile features two spirals that work in opposite directions to ensure more flexibility than the Comfort FLEX Hose and a textured stripe on the hose fits seamlessly with the teeth you find inside many hose couplings for optimal grip.

      With the Gardena Power Grip, this hose features a new profile that guarantees perfect holding force and secure connection between the hose and hose connector. It has a burst pressure resistance of up to 30 bar thanks to its robust wall thickness that offers stronger durability, making the hosepipe less likely to burst due to extreme weather conditions or excessive use.

      The generous 50m hose length is perfect if you need to water in several locations, along with its 13mm (1/2”) diameter that enables it to fit onto most connectors with no effort or hassle.

      Its UV protection means that the external materials of the hose will be protected from harmful rays of the Sun; helping ensure this hose will last far longer than other non-branded hoses.

      Perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor maintenance kit.


      • PVC Garden Hose
      • 50m hose length
      • High-quality spiral mesh textile
      • Power Grip profile - guarantees perfect holding force
      • Burst Pressure: 30 Bar
      • Hose Diameter: 13mm / 0.51"
      • Pressure-resistant
      • UV-resistant
      • Robust thick walls
      • Flexible and easy to handle
      • Free of harmful plasticizers (phthalates) and heavy metals
      • Black inner hose - helps prevent algae growth
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    Genuine spare part

    Stock No: 3561841BS