Foam Nozzle for Kärcher Pressure Washers

    The foam nozzle from Kärcher with powerful foam effortlessly cleans all types of surfaces, such as car or motorcycle paint, glass or stone. Just fill the 0.3 litre container with Kärcher detergent, attach to your Kärcher handgun and you're ready to go.


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    Video Transcript: Foam Nozzle for Kärcher Pressure Washers

    Welcome to BuySpares, in this video we will be showing you how to replace a faulty electrical part in a pressure washer pump.

    The Karcher foam nozzle is the perfect companion to our range of detergents and is especially useful when leaning vehicles.

    The design of the jet causes detergents to foam up into a snow making it cling to the surface you wish to clean for the most effective breakdown of dirt and greasy deposits.

    To use simply fill the bottle with Karcher detergent and attached directly to your trigger gun or extension Lance.

    As the pressurized water passes through the foam nozzle it draws the detergent up and mixes it with the water at a perfect ratio.

    The Karcher foam nozzle is compatible with all Karcher domestic pressure washers

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