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Energy Monitoring - Energy Saver Focus Part 1


part 1

Do your bit for the environment and save money in the process. We have a fantastic range of innovative energy saving products available to buy in our energy saver shop. Each week we will be taking a closer look at a specific product or range to show you how easy it is to make your home a little greener.

Monitor Energy Use and Reduce Your Utility Bills

Understand your energy usage and identify opportunities to save with an energy monitor. See instantly the effect turning off a light or appliance has on your energy consumption and use this information to run your home more efficiently.

Efergy Wireless Electricity Monitor

Wasted energy impacts on the environment, contributes to your carbon footprint and hits you in the pocket. The Efergy Wireless Electricity Monitor enables you to take control of your energy use around the home and could save up to 20% on your electricity bill.

This innovative gadget features a sensor that attaches to the live feed cable which connects the meter to the consumer unit. Any power that you use in your home passes through this cable and the sensor wirelessly transmits readings to the monitor.

The monitor's portable design makes it easy to move from room to room testing the impact on energy consumption of switching lights on/off, turning appliances on/off and putting them on standby.

The transmitter has a working range of around 40 metres and is able to cover three floors as well as being suitable for homes with the electricity metre located outside the main building.

Readings are accurate and historical data is stored using the monitors' internal memory, so you can compare your current energy usage with the previous day, week or even month.

The Efergy Wireless Electricity Monitor is a valuable addition to any home. It helps you to take control of your energy use, make greener choices and control costs.

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Next Week:

Learn how switching to energy saving light bulbs can trim more than £60 off your yearly electricity bills.

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