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    Ecozone Moonlight Night Light - Energy Saver Focus Part 5


    part 5

    Last week we showed you how Tumble Dryer Balls can help to lower your energy consumption, chemical usage and save you money all at once. This week we focus on LED Night-Lights using NASA space technology, which can run for less than 50p per year.

    Ecozone Moonlight Night Light: Stay safe at night with bulb-free lighting technology

    Do you feel that your home would benefit from a night-light, but worry that leaving a bulb switched on throughout the night would be a huge drain on your electricity supply? Fortunately, we have a solution that can provide you with continuous, unobtrusive night-lighting for less than 50p per year.

    The Ecozone Moonlight Night-Light is a slim, energy-efficient LED panel that emits a relaxing blue-green glow. It does not require a bulb, meaning no added expense in purchasing replacements and - possibly the most exciting bit - is manufactured using the same NASA space technology developed to illuminate cockpit panels.

    No Light Bulbs? No Problem!

    The Moonlight plugs into your wall socket, but unlike many bulb-dependent night lights which consume around 61 kWH per year, it uses only 4.38 kWH, costing you less than ½ pence per day (or under 50 pence per year) even if operated continuously.

    Compact enough to be completely portable, the Moonlight can even be taken with you on holidays or when staying with friends and family, when unfamiliar rooms can often be risky to negotiate in the middle of the night. Unlike a standard light bulb, the panel remains cool to the touch, ensuring that it does not pose a hazard to small children or pets.

    Why do I need a Night Light?

    Night-lights possess a variety of benefits; aside from reducing the risk of trips or falls in the night, they can act as a reassurance for youngsters who may be scared of the dark, and can be used to help babies get used to being alone at night. They are also useful for lighting up hallways and save you from groping blindly for the light-switch on dark winter mornings!

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