Draining or Emptying problems

    Pump filter removal video

    If your machine is emptying slowly or not emptying at all, detach the drain hose from the machine over a bucket. If the hose does not manually drain into the bucket check the pump, filter and sump hose for blockages, such as a small items of washing.

    If the machine will not empty select drain or spin

    If no “pump” noise is heard then this indicates the pump is not turning. The most likely cause is something in the pump or filter. Drain the water by lowering the drain hose into a bowl below the water level. Have a couple of old towels ready and when no more water will drain tilt the machine back and placing the towels below the filter remove it (if empty their may be a glass or two of water that will come out). With the filter removed look to see if the pump impeller can be seen and turn it to prove that it is not jammed. If any obstruction has been removed from the pump (matchstick, hair grip, coin etc) refit the filter and try machine again. Note if you only allow a small amount of water into the machine by stopping after 10 seconds of filling, it will be a lot easier to drain if you have not cleared the problem.

    If this information has indicated that the drain pump has failed and needs replacing this repair is shown in the following video

    Tools that you will need

    A draining or emptying probelm may be displayed with one of the following error or fault codes

    AEG fault code F01

    Beko fault code F02

    Bosch fault code F03

    Hotpoint fault code F04

    Zanussi fault code F05

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