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    Diagnosing Noise Problems with Tumble Dryers

    There are many reasons for a tumble dryer to get noisy and most of these noises will get worse until the machine stops or breaks down.

    Listed below are some of the more common causes of excess noise and areas for you to check before this leads to breakdown.

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    Constant Squealing Noise When the Drum Rotates:

    The first reason for this type of noise is from the belt tension pulley (if fitted) when there is wear in this area. This will get progressively worse as the pulley wears and can cause belt damage and eventually no drum rotation.

    Confirm the noise is coming from the tensioner and replace to resolve the issue.

    Regular Squeak Every Few Seconds with Drum Rotation:

    This is most likely to be the drum pivot bearing, check for signs of wear (which may include a lot of black 'graphite' type dust). Replace if signs of wear are found.

    On some drums there may be a copper/bronze earth contact to the drum spindle that can wear, check and replace as necessary.

    Rumbling Noise as the Drum Rotates:

    Many tumble dryer drums rest on support wheels. These wheels can go out of shape and cause this type of rumble.

    Try slowly rotating the drum and if a regular bump is felt check and replace these wheels as necessary.

    Whining or Whistling from Behind Air Intake (Condenser Dryers):

    Many tumble dryers have an air vent to draw cool air in at the front. If foreign objects like a leaf or sweet paper are drawn in, they can catch on the fan and make a constant whine. Examine and clean as necessary.

    Loud and Heavy Hum, Tumble Dryer Tumbling Correctly (Condenser Dryers):

    These tumble dryers have a fan drum to draw air in and blow past the condenser to improve its efficiency. These fans can distort and go off balance especially when warm. Replace the fan to cure this problem.

    Loud Hum and No Drum Rotation:

    This may be due to a seized drum (check if it rotates by hand) or a failed motor/capacitor. Replace the parts as necessary.

    Rapid Whirring Noise for a Few Seconds When the Drum Starts or Stops Rotating:

    This problem can occur if the heater fan at the back of the cabinet becomes loose from the motor spine. Check the fans are firmly fixed to the motor shaft and replace if you cannot tighten.

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    Do not stop the drier until the cool down cycle has finished or you may cause the heater to stop working.

    * All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.