Diagnosing Faults on an Electric Lawnmower

    Your lawnmower can develop a range of problems that can be either simply avoided or rectified to prolong its life. Here we will list some of the more common problems and their solutions.

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    Electric Hover Mower

    Overheating or Cutting Out:

    This is usually due to one of two main problems.

    1) The mower is struggling to cut the lawn because the grass has been allowed to grow too long. If you have not been able to regularly mow (perhaps because of wet weather) then do not try to force the mower through tall grass.

    Work the mower across the lawn slowly making sure the cut grass is cleared regularly and does not block the grass box. Try and use the machine for 10 minutes then allow 20 minutes to cool.

    2) Blocked ventilation grilles will prevent vital air flow that disperses heat from the motor. Check air grilles and ducts before you start mowing. Check periodically during use to ensure fresh cuttings do not obstruct the air flow.

    Motor Problems:

    Motors generally fail due to overheating or excessive wear. For this reason if you have a motor problem it is likely you’ll simply have to replace the motor.

    Drive Belts:

    Worn or perished lawnmower belts will slip, making a squealing sound when first started and getting progressively worse. On some mowers it may not be possible to make an adjustment and a special tool can be required to carry out a replacement. Check for adjustment of the motor or idler pulley as without the correct tool to refit the belt it may not be possible.

    Vibration or Noise and Blades:

    Rotary mower blades can easily be knocked out of balance from impact with stones. If this occurs it can cause vibration, leading to excessive wear of the bearings. This will greatly reduce the mower's life span and you should replace the blades.

    Keep the blades sharp and clean them with an oily rag before storage to prevent rust from forming.

    Damaged Cable or Connectors:

    Trailing a power cable across the lawn while it's being mowed can result in accidental damage by the mower. This is one of the reasons why you should always use an RCD power breaker to reduce the chance of electrocution.

    Check the cables before starting and do not use a damaged cable when putting away - replace the cable if necessary.

    Power Switches:

    Power switches can fail, so if yours smokes, gets hot or sticks then this could make the mower dangerous to operate. Always replace a faulty switch.

    Loose Handles, Grass Boxes, Wheels or Other Parts:

    At first you may be tempted to ignore minor problems like these as the mower remains in a working condition.

    However, as this becomes more of an annoyance we would still recommend you address the problem as soon as possible as the distraction caused can easily result in an accident.

    By checking and addressing these problems your mower will be safer and easier to use as well as longer lasting.

    BuySpares Top Tip:
    Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grass trimmings from air vents and ducts.

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