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    Diagnosing Drum or Motor Problems in a Tumble Dryer

    Listed below are some of the most common tumble dryer faults, an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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    No Drum Rotation:

    Check if the drum rotates freely, if there is no resistance when turning by hand and the fan appears to be blowing correctly, the problem is likely to be the drive belt.

    For information on how to replace it, see “How to Fit a New Belt on a Tumble Dryer” article.

    Drum Rotates Slowly by Hand but Does Not Turn When Switched On:

    The motor on a tumble dryer is an induction motor and does not usually have brushes, requiring a capacitor to supply current to one of its windings. As the capacitor ages over time, its performance can deteriorate progressively, before eventually failing altogether. As a result, the motor may turn when no load is in the machine or if helped to start by hand-rotating. But if the drum contains clothes it may stall and make a buzzing sound.

    The cost of replacing the capacitor is significantly cheaper than the motor, and it should be replaced if the fault description suggests this to be the problem.

    Drum Rotates Unevenly:

    Many tumble dryer drums have one bearing at the back of the drum, while the front edge of the drum either runs on wheels or plastic skid block-type bearings.

    Disconnect your tumble dryer from the power and take the top off the machine before gently turning the drum. If there is a regular thumping noise from the front, check the support wheels for wear or uneven rotation.

    Squealing Noise as Drum Rotates (Hoover/Candy Machines):

    Many dryers have belt-tensioning pulleys which can wear down. Check these pulleys for signs of wear, and replace if necessary.

    Drum Feels Loose at the Back and Does Not Rotate:

    On some dryers the rear drum bearing can wear through, but if the dryer continues to be used this can, on occasion, lead to the drum bearing shaft actually being cut through after wearing down on the cabinet back. Remove the cover and examine the rear bearing, replace it if signs of wear are found.

    Note: this is mainly applicable to Hotpoint / Indesit tumble dryers and a repair kit for the main wearing parts is available as Hotpoint drum shaft kit.

    Drum Will Not Turn and Appears Stuck and Drive Belt May Be Broken (Beko and Beko-Manufactured Dryers):

    In this type of dryer the front rim of the drum rests against a sponge and felt seal. This seal can start to catch on the drum and stick, which usually causes the belt to burn through. The dryer will have to be stripped down to remove the old tumble dryer seal and clean the drum lip of old adhesive before being reassembled.

    This is not an easy procedure and you may prefer to engage a professional to perform a fixed price repair.

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    Do not stop the drier until the cool down cycle has finished or you may cause the heater to stop working.

    * All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.