Descaling Electric Appliances

    Tips and advice: Screw identification and removal Many people are not aware of the damage that can result from a build-up of limescale caused by impurities in hard water. Fortunately, this damage can easily be prevented by regularly descaling products that boil or heat water.

    It is particularly important to descale if you are in a hard water area, but most areas have some impurities that may cause a build-up over time - check for signs of a white powder-like deposit on areas where water has evaporated, as this indicates the presence of water impurities.

    Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines

    These machines generally work by pumping water through a heating chamber and then through the coffee grounds. If they are not descaled regularly the heater chamber can fur up with limescale and even block, which can also cause leaking as well as changing the flavour of your coffee.

    Fill the machine with descaling fluid and follow the manufacturer's instructions; this will generally involve heating and dispensing the cleaner, flushing the limescale out and repeatedly rinsing and flushing to remove any trace of the cleaner.


    These can be cleaned by simply putting a descaling solution in, filling to slightly above the scale mark inside the body, bringing to the boil and allowing to stand for packet recommended time. Use some of the liquid on a cloth to wipe around the spout or lid if there are limescale deposits. Rinse thoroughly and boil again with fresh water, before emptying and refilling.

    Steam Ovens

    The steam-generating part of the oven will become blocked over time and not be able to pass the steam. Fill with cleaning solution and follow the manufacturer's instructions

    Steam Irons, Steam Generator Irons and Steam Mops and Cleaners

    Fill with a concentrated solution of cleaner and allow it to heat up. Steam onto an old towel or garment to pass the cleaner through the system and remove limescale deposits. Then, flush and rinse with clean water.

    If you have a condenser tumble dryer or a dehumidifier, save the water that is collected in it. This water, although not suitable for drinking, does not contain any limescale and if used for irons or steam mops will not cause a limescale build-up.

    Try adding a drop of fragrance (such as lavender) to the water in your steam iron - when the steam is released form the iron, the fragrance will be infused into your clothes. You can experiment with doses and scents by adding to a spray bottle and lightly spraying your test fragrance directly onto your clothing.

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