Common Tumble Dryer Faults

    Listed below are a few of the most common tumble dryer faults and an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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    Q. The Drum Does Not Turn, But The Motor is Working

    A.If this is the case with your tumble dryer then it is more than likely a problem with the drive belt. A simple way to check for a broken belt is to turn your drum by hand. It should be quite stiff and difficult to spin, if the belt is still in good condition. If your drum turns easily it is a clear indication of a worn belt.

    You can confirm your suspicions by taking the top off and looking at the belt. A good belt should be tight fitting around the drum. A broken belt needs to be replaced. Spare belts can be purchased for most models but you will need your model number to ensure you purchase the correct belt. See our model number finder.

    For advice on fitting the belt read our "How do I fit a new belt on a tumble dryer?" article.

    Q. Door Switch/Catch Problems or the Handle is Broken

    A. Door handles can be broken easily as they are constantly in use and are fragile by nature. If the handle has broken you may not be able to operate the tumble dryer. There is often a small catch/peg required to operate the door switch when you close the door. If the catch becomes damaged and no longer clips in place it won't activate the switch. If this is the fault with your tumble dryer then the handle and/or switch should be replaced.

    Q. Faulty Thermostat in a Tumble Dryer

    A. Most models of tumble dryer have thermostats fitted to regulate and monitor temperature. Occasionally these can malfunction and this can cause problems with the machines performance. If the thermostat is defective then it will need to be replaced. There may be two separate thermostats on your tumble dryer, one for heater control and an exhaust thermostat.

    Q. Failed Heating Element in the Tumble Dryer

    A. If your tumble dryer will not get hot the fault could lie with the heating element. Heating elements can fail but fortunately this is one of the easier tumble dryer repairs. The heating element is not the only possible reason for your tumble dryer not getting hot it could also be a faulty thermal overload cut-out that's the culprit.

    Q. Tumble Dryer Does Not Start at All

    A. There are a couple of things to check if this is the case as it may be a minor problem. First check that the appliance is receiving power by checking the indicator light is on. You can also check the tumble dryer fuse to see if it has blown. However, if the cause of the problem is not apparent or the fault continues to reoccur then it is time to contact a professional repair engineer.

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    Do not stop the drier until the cool down cycle has finished or you may cause the heater to stop working.

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