Common Cooker Faults

    Listed below are a some of the most common cooker, grill and hob faults, an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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    Q. The Oven is Not Getting Hot

    A. Start by checking the oven temperature indicator (usually a small lamp) is lit. If it is lit this suggests a faulty element or thermal cut out, this is a type of fuse that is usually located at the back near the element. Check with a meter for resistance or look for signs of damage / blowing on the element if no meter is available. Replace the cooker element if necessary.

    If the indicator does not light then check the timer is not on auto. Also check the selector switch for signs of damage or burning and check the thermostat for continuity (low resistance). If, on inspection, the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent most people will require the assistance of a trained professional.

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    Q. The Cooker Bulb Has Blown

    A. This is usually an easy repair. It is important that when you replace the lamp in your cooker to make sure you use a lamp specifically made for ovens or grills. This will ensure the bulb will withstand the high temperatures inside the oven. When buying a spare part for any appliance we recommend you filter your search by model number to guarantee it will fit.

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    Q. Heat Keeps Escaping From The Cooker

    A. Over time the door seal or gasket on the cooker can wear and start to deteriorate. This can impact on the efficiency of the cooker and allow heat to escape into the kitchen rather than cooking - costing you money needlessly. Fortunately cooker door seals can be replaced easily, eliminating the problem.

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    Q. One of The Hob Rings Does Not Work Correctly

    A.This is one of the most common problems encountered with hobs. It could be due to a fault with the ring open circuit causing no heat or the selector switch. Look for signs of damage on the element. If none are found then check the resistance of the ring by measuring with a meter, in general the reading is going to be between 30 and 60 ohms approx. Replace the element if the reading is much higher than this.

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    Q. The Grill No Longer Heats Up

    A.If you suspect that the grill element in your cooker has failed, inspect it to see if it is obviously the cause of the fault. If it is not clear just from looking at the element to establish if it is the cause you can test it with a test meter.

    You also need to check the connector pins as they may need cleaning up or in some cases the socket will also need to be replaced. Remember to switch off the power supply before undertaking any repair work.

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    Q. My Cooker is Tripping the Electrics

    A. There are 2 basic tripping faults. If it is blowing fuses or causing a fuse to cut out on the fuse-board then this indicates a short circuit. This can be found using a meter and it may be possible for you to check some of the cooker if it only blows when the oven is selected for example it is likely to be the element or oven lamp.

    If the cooker is tripping the earth leakage or RCD trip on the fuse-board this indicates only a small amount of power is passing to earth and again is likely to be an element. If, on inspection, if the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent you may require the assistance of a trained professional.

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    Q. My Oven is Not Heating Correctly. It is Too Hot or Not Hot Enough.

    A. Check door seals are in good condition and door has no gaps. Confirm temperature with an oven thermometer. If the oven light stays on and does not go out and oven is burning everything then the thermostat is not switching off and you need to replace the thermostat.

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