Cleaning and Caring For Your Microwave

    The manner in which microwaves cook is generally much cleaner than ovens; as the cavity tends to be far cooler it is quick and easy to wipe splashes up once cooking has finished.

    Here we provide a number of tips to help you clean up your microwave and prevent any damage occurring.

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    To start, it is always advisable (where possible) to cover any food being cooked, as this will prevent splashes and spills being burnt on to the cavity. If the food is covered, ensure that the steam generated by the food is able to escape by opening sealed containers and puncturing vacuum packed foods. Suitable containers – such as those made from a Pyrex-type material or plastic may also be used, as long as you do not use the combination setting on your microwave, as this will melt the plastic.

    Clean spills and splashes as soon as possible. If left, these will absorb energy from the microwave and carbonise, which can then cause damage to the microwave cavity.

    Suggested Method of Cleaning:

    First place a mug of lemon juice in the cavity and bring to the boil. Stop and leave it to stand for 30 minutes, allowing the steam to soften any deposits on the lining before wiping clean with kitchen paper towels.

    If you wish to scour a stainless cavity or the wheels of the turntable, it is important not to introduce metal shards from wire wool, so for this reason you should use a plastic scouring pad. An ammonia based cream cleaner may also be applied on stubborn burn areas.

    When cleaning the waveguide cover take care that no cleaning fluid is drawn in around the edge by capillary action as this may carbonise when the microwave is in use and cause burning. If the cover shows signs of damage it can usually be replaced very easily.

    If on inspection the cause of a fault is not immediately apparent you may require the assistance of a trained professional.

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    BuySpares Top Tip:
    If you wish to remove the smell of burnt food (after accidentally cremating a potato for example) then place a mug of water with lemon juice in the cavity, bring to the boil, stop and let stand for 2 hours. This should help to neutralize any burn smells.

    * All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.