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CCTV and Security Cameras - Home Security Focus Part 3


part 3

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is becoming an increasingly popular method by which homeowners opt to keep their home, family and possessions protected.

Home security cameras provide video footage of any motion that occurs within the range of your camera(s), helping to deter burglars and prevent vandalism or trespassing on your property.

Decreasing prices and easier installation, coupled with a growing preoccupation with home security, have led to a rise in the popularity of CCTV cameras as they become more accessible for home use as well as in offices, schools and pubs or clubs.

A survey carried out by 'Which?' revealed that 82% of current or potential CCTV owners claimed that they do or would use the system to monitor the outside of their property. However CCTV cameras are also available for use indoors and can be used to observe the activities of children, babysitters or housekeepers inside your home.

Many CCTV owners report that their outdoor system is shared between one or more of their neighbours, which is an effective way of cutting down on the individual costs and also helping to safeguard your neighbourhood. However if you do have your own security camera, privacy laws state that it should not be pointed towards public spaces or other people's houses and gardens.

Points to consider when purchasing a Home Security Camera

- CCTV cameras are available in wired or wireless forms. Wireless cameras have the advantage of an easier connection, but it is possible that their signal could be interfered with by household devices such as a cordless phone or microwave.

- If you intend to install your CCTV camera outdoors, make sure that it is weatherproof!

- Similarly, a security camera is most useful during the night, so you may want to ascertain that your chosen camera incorporates night vision.

- Your security system should allow you to view and store the images in a format that is compatible with your PC.

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