Caring for your 3D glasses

    The 3D Glasses you use to watch 3D Television are often expensive and fragile, and should be handled with care. No doubt they'll eventually become soiled by dust and fingerprints through use, so you'll need to know the correct way to clean them in order to ensure their longevity and your viewing pleasure.

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     Caring for your 3D glasses

    Some 3D glasses, such as 'Active Shutter' glasses, have two screens in each lens. Putting pressure on both sides at the same time could squeeze these two lenses closer together, which will distort your 3D viewing. This type of 3D glasses should therefore not be cleaned in the way that you would clean normal glasses (ie. one finger on the back and one on the front of the lens).

    It is advisable to clean your 3D glasses one lens at a time using a clean, microfibre cloth, and ensure that you don't press or scrub too hard whilst cleaning.

    You should not use chemicals containing alcohol, solvents, or surfactant to clean your 3D glasses, including chemicals such as wax, benzene, thinner, mosquito repellent or lubricant. Using inappropriate cleaning materials can result in discolouration and possibly deterioration of the glasses' surface.

    To clean lightly spray with spectacle cleaner, or an LCD screen cleaning solution such as "Screen Kleen" onto a cloth and gently polish.

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