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    Whatever stain your carpet is faced with, from muddy paw prints to crayon and red wine, it's possible to remove them with the right stain remover. Watch how easy it is to remove tough stains using the Bissell Stomp 'n Go pads.

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    Video Transcript: Bissell Stomp 'n Go Ready To Buy At BuySpares

    Bissell's newest innovation for spot and stain cleaning is this Stomp ‘n Go stain lifting pad.

    This unique innovation uses our active oxygen technology so that toughest die based stains are going to come out in a snap with this.

    Stomp ‘n Go is a very unique pad that's built with a nonwoven material, so think like cleaning wipes or diapers, that type of the material on the bottom that holds the cleaning solution. On top is an impermeable layer so that when you find that spot or spill that's been bugging you, simply pull the pad out drop it on their stomp on it with your foot and that stain is going to come out.

    How it works is when you stomp down on this pad your foot stays dry because of the protective covering, but the cleaning solution with active oxygen is pressed down into the stain, then some of the stain immediately sucks back up into the pad - and you'll start to see a little spot to give you the feedback that it's working.

    But within 30 to 60 minutes that stain will nearly be gone, but you can wait as long as you want because with the protective covering nobody's foot gets wet the pet can step right across it, and your life can go on as normal.

    The Stomp 'n Go stain lifting pad is a great new innovation from Bissell.

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