Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler: Kettle / Coffee Maker / Iron


    Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler: Kettle / Coffee Maker / Iron

    Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler: Kettle / Coffee Maker / Iron


    Genuine consumable

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      In just 10 minutes your appliance can be restored back to looking like it was when it was brand new!

      Limescale build-up in your appliances can reduce performance and can ultimately shorten their lifespan. Impurities in tap water, and use of harder waters, can result in limescale on interior components of your appliance. It usually appears as a white or green build-up that forms on heating elements in appliances such as steam irons or coffee machines.

      With the Oust 500ml All Purpose Liquid Descaler, you will be able to remove limescale with no trouble to leave your appliance clean, fresh and working much better for longer.


      How To Use:

      Coffee Machine:

      Mix 100ml of OUST Descaler with 200ml of water and pour the mixture into the water tank. Turn device on and let 50ml of the mixture run through, turn off and wait 15-30 min. Afterwards, let the remaining liquid run through and repeat process two times with clear water.

      Fully Automatic Coffee Machine:

      Fill water tank: add 50 ml of OUST Descaler to every 1L of water. Start descaling program in accord with the usage instructions.

      Water Kettles/Boilers:

      Fill Kettle half full with water and boil water. Turn off, and add 100-150 ml OUST Descaler to the hot (not boiling) water, leave in for 30-60 min. Rinse with water. Repeat Process whenever necessary.

      Taps and Surfaces:

      Apply OUST Descaler with a wet towel, allow to act for a short time, rinse off with water. In order to intensify the shine, rub dry.
      Consider manufacturer’s cleaning and descaling recommendations.


      • Capacity: 500ml
      • Up to 100% limescale removal on typical kettles when descaled regularly
      • Superfast action - removes limescale in 10 minutes
      • New improved formula that works very efficiently with active citric acid
      • Suitable for surfaces, taps and several appliances such as coffee machines, kettles and boilers
      • Colourless liquid and food safe formula
      • Recommended to use every 3 months in hard water areas & 6 months in soft water areas

      The manufacturer of this product has provided additional information that you may find useful regarding the safe use of this product and any necessary precautions you should be aware of. Full details are available in the downloadable PDF.

      • *All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.

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    Genuine consumable

    Stock No: 2796526BS