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    Alarm Systems - Home Security Focus Part 2


    Part 2

    Last week we looked at the many benefits of lighting timer switches and how they can help you beat the burglar. Continuing the theme, this week's focus takes a look at the value of home security alarm systems.

    Don't be a Target for the Opportunist

    According to the Home Office around 35% of all burglaries are crimes of opportunity and you are ten times more likely to be burgled if you don't have basic security measures in place. Even something as simple as putting strong locks on doors and windows will help to make your home safer; but alarms are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary.

    Protect your Home with Do-It-Yourself Security

    Fitting an alarm system doesn't have to be an expensive option. There are a range of DIY alarms on the market ranging from basic models to more advanced kits with extra PIR movement detectors and window/door contacts.

    We stock alarm system kits from leading manufacturer Friedland as well as additional components so you can customise the alarm system to meet your home's individual requirements. All of the alarm systems available are wire-free which makes them easy to install and stops them looking untidy.

    The Friedland alarm box casing is bright yellow, so whether you are displaying it on the front or rear of your property it will be clearly visible - maximizing its effectiveness as a burglary deterrent. View and compare the different features of our Friedland Security Alarm Kits

    Next Week:

    We give home CCTV and security cameras a closer inspection and continue our quest to help you beat the burglar!

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