Universal Fridge or Freezer Door Handle

    If your fridge or freezer door handle is broken, it can lead to damage to the door seal from hand contact when opening. This 'universal' handle can adapt to fit most fridges or freezers as an alternative to the original part.

    For information on how to confirm a fault on a fridge-freezer see our other articles.

    Tools that you will need

    Video Transcript: How to Change a Universal Fridge or Freezer Door Handle

    Welcome to BuySpares. This video will show you how to change the door handle on a fridge or freezer.

    Important: Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

    Door handles can get damaged and if not replaced can lead to door seal damage from contact as you grip the door so replacing the handle is recommended.

    This universal handle can be fitted on most fridge or freezers as it adjust to different fixings.

    The handle is 198mm tall and is attached by two screws and can be adjusted between a minimum of 90mm millimetres and a maximum of 160mm between the screw fittings.

    It is important to check your screw positions on your door as we do not have a list of appliances the handle fits.

    If your original handle is no longer available and the screws are spaced differently you could use a small drill bit and screw the handle into new holes.

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    To prevent seal gaps warm it up with a hair dryer and gently stretch the seal, this will set into its new position when closed and left to cool.

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