How to Remove and Replace a Cooker Door Seal

    Oven door seals wear out over time and allow heat to escape during operation. If the door seal on your cooker or oven has worn out or has started to sag, then it will make the appliance less efficient. This will extend cooking times and cook food unevenly as well as putting extra strain on the motor.

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    Video Transcript: How to Remove and Replace a Cooker Door Seal

    Fortunately, replacing an oven door seal is amongst the easiest of do-it-yourself appliance repairs.

    How to Replace an Oven Door Seal in 5 Steps:

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    1) Turn off the oven from the mains.

    2) If the oven has recently been used allow time for it to cool.

    3) Carefully peel the worn rubber seal away from the channel on the oven frame. On some models there may be a screw that tightens the channel to hold the seal in place, this will need to be loosened.

    4) Once the seal is removed give the frame a wipe to remove any grease.

    5) Press the new seal into place, starting at the top of the oven and using both hands to work around the frame.

    BuySpares Top Tip:
    If the new seal is a little stiff and you're having trouble manipulating it, soak it in warm water for a few minutes. This will soften it up and make it more pliable.

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