How to Adjust the Blade on a Petrol Cylinder Mower

    For many people, there is no better way to cut a large lawn than with a petrol powered cylinder mower, as the weight of these machines combined with the roller gives a the lovely stripe finish to the lawn..

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    Petrol Lawnmower

    Although expensive to purchase, these types of mowers will give many years of faithful service and may prove to be a good investment over time.

    It is important to ensure the blade is in good condition and correctly adjusted, so in this article we will tell you how to adjust the blade in your mower to get the best results.

    The blade on a cylinder mower is made of two parts:

    1) The rotating cylinder blade

    2) A fixed base blade

    To work effectively these two blades must gently rub their cutting edges against each other to shear the grass.

    The rotating cylinder has adjustment screws above the bearings, and when tightened the two blades are pushed into contact. Loosening the screws allows springs under the cylinder to push the blades apart.

    Check that the cylinder is in good condition and look at the gap between the blades. Making small adjustments turn the adjuster screws to bring the blades into contact with each other and carefully rotate the cylinder to achieve the best contact without making it difficult to turn.

    Lawnmower blades that are in good condition and correctly adjusted should be able to cut paper between them.

    Adjusting the Cut Height:

    To adjust the height of the cut on a cylinder lawnmower the blades should not be adjusted. Instead, adjusting the front rollers downwards will lift the cutter assembly leaving the grass longer. This should be done on the first few cuts of the season, or if drought is expected, to allow slightly longer grass.

    As the grass grows stronger it may be possible to reduce the grass height as the season progresses.

    Lawnmower Spares and accessories

    Before storing for the winter clean and allow to dry before spraying a 'wd40' type oil to prevent corrosion.

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