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To make sure you find the correct spare part for your appliance, please search for your model number by entering the number (or for Bauknecht and Whirlpool appliances the 12-digit service number starting with 85) into the search box below.

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DC01 Absolute (Grey/Purple/Yellow)

DC01 DAS (Grey/Blue)

DC01 DAS HP (Grey/Blue)

DC01 DeStijl (Red/Purple/Yellow)

DC01 Standard (Grey/Yellow)

DC01 Standard HP (Grey/Yellow)

DC02 (Clear)

DC02 Absolute

DC02 Absolute (Grey/Purple/Yellow)

DC02 Clear HP (Clear)

DC02 DAS (White/Blue)

DC02 DeStijl (Red/Purple/Yellow)

DC02 Recyclone (Green/Yellow)

DC02 Standard (Grey/Yellow)

DC02 Standard HP (Grey/Yellow)

DC03 Absolute (Grey/Purple/Yellow)

DC03 Absolute + Zorb (Purple/Lime)

DC03 Clear

DC03 Standard (Grey/Yellow)

DC03 Zorb UK (Purple/Yellow)

DC03i (Dark Steel/White)

DC04 Absolute (Purple - Lime)

DC04 Absolute (Sliver/Purple/Yellow)

DC04 Constant Max (Dark Steel/Orange)

DC04 Constant Max (Silver/Lime)

DC04 DeStijl (Red/Purple/Yellow)

Where to Find your Model Number

  1. At the rear of the main unit.
  2. On the front of the unit/dust container.
  3. On the base of the main unit.
  4. On the main unit on or near the filter cover.
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